The Covid-19 State of Emergency and The Procedure to File for International Protection

The spread of the Covid-19 virus is an emergency in Italy and throughout the world.

To safeguard everyone's health it's important not to leave one's residence and move only for the following reasons: necessity to work; survival necessities; health reasons; reentry to one's home.

In the absence of a valid reason, you will be subjected to sanctions.

To avoid spreading the infection, measures have been taken that modify certain aspects of the international protection application procedure.

1. Do you need to apply for international protection?

The police Immigration Offices are closed to the public, but you can go to the Questura to manifest your intention to apply for international protection; your request will be examined as quickly as possible.

2. Are you waiting to be summoned for your interview in front of the Territorial Commission? Was your appearance scheduled during this period?

To avoid spreading the virus, the offices of the Territorial Commission are currently closed to the public, and the interviews are suspended. As soon as the state of emergency finishes, the Commission will let you know the new date for the hearing, following normal procedure.

Remember every communication and notice from the Commission and other authorities will be sent to the last address you have given. If don't live in a reception center, please make sure that your last name correctly appears on the door bell.

3. Are you waiting for the response to your request for international protection?

You will receive the answer to your request as soon as possible.

If you have received a positive response during the state of emergency, you must wait till it ends to go to the appropriate police station and request the residence document.

In case you receive an unsatisfactory answer, be aware that due to the difficulties caused by the state of emergency the deadline to file an appeal has been suspended. This means you have additional time to file it. You can use this period to contact your attorney or your legal counselor in the reception center where you live.

4. Do you need information on how to proceed or need to send documents to the Territorial Commission?

Currently the Territorial Commission offices are closed to the public. You can send an email to the Commission responsible for your case. For the address see the attached chart.

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