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600 Income Subsidy: Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Residence Document Holders Can Apply

Starting on April 1 you can apply for the € 600 income subsidy for the month of March 2020 on the INPS Home Page ( Who qualifies for the subsidy?

  • Free lance professionals with partita IVA dated prior to February 23, 2020

  • Workers with fixed term contracts ( valid on February 23, 2020

  • Artisans, Shopkeepers/Retailers, Farmers, Sharecroppers, and Homesteaders

  • Seasonal Workers in the Tourist Industry and spas whose job was terminated (not due to direct responsibility) during the period from January 1st 2019 to March 17th 2020

  • Temporary Show Business Workers with a minimum of 30 days work paid during 2019, and whose maximum earnings during the same period did not top € 50.000

  • Farm Workers, farm workers with fixed term contracts and other categories of agricultural workers enrolled in the annual registers who can prove to have worked at least 50 days as duly paid farm hands

You cannot apply, if you already receive the following benefits: Social Security/Basic Income Guarantee/Anticipated Pension/Disability Benefits

In order to apply you must have:

  • A bank account where the subsidy can be deposited

Access INPS on-line services

Babysitting Voucher: Refugees and Asylum Seekers Who Are Employed Can Apply

As prescribed by the 'Cure Italy' decree, as an alternative to extraordinary parental leave you can apply for a Babysitting Voucher via the INPS social security office website ( . .

The following are eligible to apply:

  • Employees in the private sector
  • Workers exclusively enrolled in INPS Gestione Separata (separate national insurance pension fund for self-employed and freelance workers)
  • Self-employed workers registered with INPS (Social Security Agency)
  • Self-employeds enrolled in social welfare funds for professionals

The voucher has a top limit of 600-euro per family unit with children less than 12 years old and must be used exclusively for babysitting services. The age limit does not apply to disabled children enrolled in school or who attend a disability day center. The subsidy will be issued by INPS via the Libretto Famiglia (Prepaid Family Registry used to pay occasional workers such as babysitters. You get it by clicking on the Occasional Work Box on the INPS website.)

NOTE: If to apply you have used the simplified PIN, you must get the second part of the PIN to enroll in the Family Register platform and to receive the voucher online. dell’INPS (


COVID-19 Extraordinary Leave: Refugees and Asylum Seekers Can Apply

All workers can request a 15 days extraordinary leave effective from March 5 th until schools officially reopen. To apply go to INPS Home Page (


50% salary for parents with children up to 12 years old

No salary for parents with children ages 12 – 16

50% salary for parents with severely disabled children (No age limitation)

In order to apply you must have:


INPS on-line services are accessible with the following identification devices:
1. PIN (Personal Identification Number) issued by INPS
2. SPID (Public System for Digital Identity), only Level 2 or higher
3. Electronic Identity Card 3.0 (CIE)
4. Smart card to access public administration on-line services (CNS)
This is how you can request your Personal Identification Number (PIN):
-INPS website ( and clicking on Richiesta PIN (Request PIN)
- Contact Center: by calling the free number 803164 from a land line or by calling 06164164 from a mobile for a small fee.

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