Vouchers to Buy Food

Vouchers to Buy Food and First Necessities: individuals and families in need are the priority

-- Thanks to Civil Protection Department Ordinance 658 all Italian municipalities have received funds to distribute to peope in need under the form of vouchers that can be used to buy food stuff and first necessity goods.

Every municipality will devise the criteria for allocating the vouchers and the amount to be distributed. Families and individuals who have borne the economic brunt of the Covid-19 state of emergency will be the beneficiaries. Priority will be given to those that have not received any other public assistance such as Basic Income Guarantee, REI: Basic Income Subsidy for Migrants, Unemployment benefits under the form of NASPI or cassa integrazione, etc.

As specified in Art. 27, Paragraph 1, of Leg. Decree 251/2007, the beneficiaries of international protection are entitled to receive the same treatment as Italian citizens. This includes being eligible to request the vouchers.

To find out the requirements, procedures to apply and deadlines to receive the vouchers, you must visit your municipality's website and click the appropriate section.

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