If you are waiting to reunite with a member of your family through the so called “Dublin III Regulation” procedure, read these information carefully:

  • As you may already know, the emergency related to COVID-19 pandemic concerns every Member State of the European Union. The main goal of all these States is to protect people’s health, by minimizing movements within and outside States’ territory.

  • If you are at the initial stage of the procedure, use this time to search for documents related to you and the relative you are willing to join in the EU. If you can, contact your relatives and ask them to send you pictures, birth certificates, identity cards, or any other proof of the fact that you are a family: this material can be sent even during this period. The offices that deal with your reunification request are still working!

  • Precautionary measures to deal with the emergency do not stop permanently your transfer, even though they might slow down your family reunification procedure: the emergency we are living in, is temporary, it won’t last forever! Try to remain calm, you just need to be patient!

  • If you already submitted a family reunification request and you are about to turn 18, or you turned 18 right after submitting it, don’t worry: your application goes on even if you became an adult!

  • If you are about to turn 18, you would like to reunite with a member of your family that lives in another EU Member State, but you haven’t submitted the application for family reunification yet, talk about it asap with your legal guardian, operator, lawyer or social assistant: they know what to do and how to help you.

  • If you are having doubts, talk about it! The legal guardian, operator, lawyer are there to support you and your family, and can give you useful information.

Remember that Dublin Procedure remains a safe and legal way to reunite with your relatives, in complete tranquillity.

If you have questions on family reunification, EFRIS project might have the answer: call, write or ask to your operator to contact us at or dialling +39 3404277780; +39 3428735259.

If you would like to have more information you can also visit the website Juma Map or you can contact the operators at the toll-free number 800905570/3511376355 or email address

(Thanks to CIDAS)

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