Covid-19: May 4 – 18, 2020, New Rules and Limitations Will Go into Effect

The new Council of Ministers Decree of April 26th, 2020, will become effective for the period from May 4 th to May 18th further modifying rules and behavior to be adopted during the coronavirus state of emergency.

Is Social Distancing Still in Effect?

The compulsory one meter (3 feet) interpersonal safety distance remains in effect, as well as the recommendation to wear masks, use disposable gloves, and other personal protective equipment. It's obligatory to use masks when entering an enclosed space that is open to the public, this includes public transportation.

Is Circulation Permitted?

In addition to the previously stated reasons - work, health conditions, and questions of daily survival – circulation, limited to the Region where one resides, will be permitted to visit relatives. During the visit social distancing of at least one meter (3 feet), the use of a mask and a strict limitation of the number of people involved must be observed. Movement outside one's Region will be allowed only for work, health and emergency reasons. It's authorized to return to one's residence, domicile or dwelling.

For further information please contact each Region's COVID – 19 toll free number. If you are returning from another region, the Regional COVID – 19 toll free number must be contacted regarding the necessity of personal isolation and quarantine.

What Are the New Self-Certification Forms?

Ministry of the Interior (Viminale) Self-Certification Form to Justify Movement

Self-Certification Form for Entering Italy


Can I Go to the Park?

Admission to parks, gardens and public villas is authorized if the one meter (3 feet) interpersonal social distance is respected. Playgrounds will remain closed. Mayors have the power to close these areas if, in their judgment, safety procedures cannot be properly enforced.

Can I Do Sports? Can I accompany a minor?

If the interpersonal social distance of at least two meters for sports and one meter for exercise is respected, sport and exercise activities are allowed for individuals, accompanied minors and accompanied not self-sufficient individuals.

Are Funerals and Religious Ceremonies Allowed?

Concerning religious ceremonies: funerals are allowed. Only first and second-degree relatives up to a total of 15 can participate. It's preferable to hold an outdoor function, to wear masks and respect the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter (3 feet.)

Can I Go to a Restaurant or to a Fast Food?

Yes, but only to collect what you have ordered. Restaurant are open only for take-away delivery service or exclusively for the collection of take-away meals. The interpersonal safety distance must be respected, and it's not allowed to consume the meal inside the premises. 

What do I Do if I Have a Fever?

If before May 4 th the recommendation to those who had a 37.5 degrees fever and showed respiratory symptoms was to stay at home and call one's doctor, now it's compulsory to do so.

Is It Possible to Get a Prescription Online or by Cell Phone?

Yes, with theMarch 19, 2020, Ordinance you can now get the ‘Electronic Prescription Number’ from your doctor without having to pick it up. The pharmacist will fill out the prescription once he/she has received the Electronic Prescription Number and the Tax Identification Number from your Health Card.

Do the National Restrictive Measures Suspend Women Shelters' Activities?

No, women victims of violence and stalking must not feel abandoned, and can call the toll free helpline 1522, open 24/24. Furthermore according to the March 11, 2020 Decree, incidences of violence determine the 'State of necessity' that authorizes women to go to a women shelter.

Are There Initiatives to Give Psychological Assistance During this Period of Strain Due To the COVID – 19 Pandemic?

On April 27 the Health Ministry and Civil Protection Agency Toll Free Psychological Helpline 800.833.833 started operations. The Helpline can be reached from abroad at 02.20228733. It's open 7 days a week from 8am to Midnight. Assistive technologies will be available for the hearing impaired.

For further information go to page Toll Free Psychological Helpline of the Ministry of Health New Coronavirus website. Numero verde di supporto psicologico sito tematico Nuovo Coronavirus del Ministero della Salute.

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