Relaunch Decree: Emergency Income (REM)

The emergency income subsidy (REM) is a measure that aims at aiding families during the COVID – 19 emergency. The subsidy will consists of two installments, each ranging from € 400 to 800. To qualify you must reside in Italy, have accumulative income and assets inferior to the established limit and an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) inferior to € 15000. This subsidy is incompatible with other benefits already adopted by the government in response to the COVID – 19 emergency. Furthermore it is irreconcilable with the presence within a family unit of individual/s who receive a direct or indirect pension (with the exception of a standard disability allowance,) are regularly employed and whose yearly income is superior to the established limit, or are the recipients of the basic income subsidy.

Request for the REM subsidy must be filed by June 2020.

For further information consult the INPS official Homepage, a tax assistance center (CAAF) or call the ARCI Free Number.


Relaunch Decree: New Workers' Benefits 

Due to the continuing COVID – 19 emergency, the Relaunch Decree has renewed already existing workers' benefits while adding new ones:

  • Self-employed professionals, workers with fixed term contracts (,) the self-employed enrolled in INPS separate national insurance and pension fund, and seasonal workers in the tourist industry who have received the € 600 income subsidy for the month of March, will also receive it for the month of April.
  • Agricultural workers who have received the € 600 income subsidy for the month of March will also receive it for the month of April.
  • Self-employed professionals who have experienced a reduction of at least 33% of their income during the second two months of 2020 with respect to the income reported for the same period in 2019, will receive a subsidy of € 1000 for the month of May. Fixed term contract workers who are enrolled in INPS separate national insurance and pension fund and meet the requirements, will also receive the € 1000 subsidy for the month of May.
  • Seasonal workers in the tourist industry whose job was involuntarily terminated during the period from January 1 st 2019 to March 17 th 2020 will receive a € 1000 income subsidy for the month of May.
  • Numerous categories of employed and self-employed workers who, due to the consequences of the COVID – 19 emergency, have ceased, reduced or suspended their activity or have lost their employment will receive for April and May the € 600 monthly subsidy (seasonal workers not employed in tourism and on-call workers are also included.)
  • Domestic workers who have one or more job contracts that amount to a minimum of 10 h/week work and do not live with with their employer, will receive an income subsidy for the months of April and May equal to € 500/ month.

Important Notice: If you have not yet filed for the March € 600 income subsidy, you must do so within 15 days of the official publication of the decree. To do so contact an assistance bureau, a tax assistance center, or go to INPS Homepage.

All these subsidies will not be considered part of your income. For further information on whether you qualify or are excluded, on how to file for the subsidies contact the ARCI Free Number, go to the INPS Homepage or make an appointment with a tax assistance center.

The above information provides a general picture. It is not meant to address individual situations. And should further explicative notices be issued to further define the conditions, it's best to talk to a labor consultant, or contact the ARCI Free Number 800 90 55 70.

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