Measures For The Promotion Of Agricultural Work

The 'Relaunch Italy' Decree has been adopted. The Decree's Art. 101 'On The Promotion of Agricultural Work', now makes it possible for those who seek work in that field to sign short term contracts for up to 30 days, extendable for another 30, even if they are already the recipients of any of the following benefits: special unemployment subsidy at zero hours, benefits in the form of NASPI, Basic Income, and the monthly subsidy known as DIS-COLL. Signing the contract will bring about no loss of already in place benefits up to a limit of € 2000 for the whole of 2020.


The above information provides a general picture. It is not meant to address individual situations. And should further explicative notices be issued to further define the conditions, it's best to talk to a labor consultant, or contact the ARCI Free Number 800 90 55 70.

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