Vacation Voucher

Following the adoption of the Relaunch Italy Decree family units with an ISEE (Indicator of equivalent economic situation) income of not over € 40.000 are eligible for a tax deduction during the year 2020, for expenses incurred while making use of services provided by a tourist accommodation facility be it a bed & breakfast or an agritourism throughout the national territory.

The tax deduction, a maximum of € 500 per family unit, can be claimed by a sole member of that unit. The tax deduction is calculated based on the number of members/family, therefore the deduction for a family of two will be € 300, for a family of one € 150.

1) The expenses must have incurred on one occasion only and billed by one tourist accomodation, in other words by a single bed & breakfast or agritourism;

2) The payment must be documented by an electronic invoice or a commercial document and the tax code of the individual who will claim the deduction must be on it;

3) The payment must have been made without recurring to or using platforms or telematic portals different than a tour operator or travel agency.

The voucher must be utilized in the following way: 80% will be discounted from the total to be paid while the remaing 20% will be deducted from one's tax declaration.

The above information is intended to provide a general framework. It is not meant to address individual situations. And should additional explicative notices be issued to further define the conditions, it's always best to talk to a consultant.

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