Commuters' Refunds

Commuters who for reasons of work or study habitually use railroads and local transportation can apply for a refund if the following circumstances apply:

a) They are holders of a railroad or local transportation pass valid during the slate of time affected by Government’s Decree N. 6 of February 23, 2020, and N. 19 dated March 25, 2020;

b) Can declare, under their own responsibility, by means of a self-certification pursuant to Presidential Decree N. 445 of December 28, 2000, that they could not use the pass, totally or in part, due to the previously cited measures adopted by the government.

Those who intend to apply for a refund must do so directly to the carriers responsible for railroad or local transport, making sure to emphasize the impossibility to travel during the previously outlined periods. Within 15 days of receiving the application, the carrier must issue a refund by means of:

Voucher for the amount of the pass to be used within a year of its issuance,

Lengthening the duration of the pass for the same period in correspondence to the length of time during which it was not utilized. 

The above information is intended to provide a general framework. It is not meant to address individual situations. And should additional explicative notices be issued to further define the conditions, it's always best to talk to a consultant.

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